Over the years, there have been many innovations in tactical weapon systems design, manufacture and performance. The most visible proof of these advances is in today's technologically and ballistically advanced tactical rifles. To make the most of the potential of these weapons requires a better designed and more stable bipod that can adapt to any situation in order to make a faster, more accurate shot.

EliteIron has been researching and developing alternatives to the traditional bipod for years and has been granted Patent #8443540 on their proprietary mount design based upon deep experience of real world tactical demands. The efforts have resulted in the new REVOLUTION BIPOD, the most revolutionary example of superior design, stability, and adaptability in the tactical world today.

A revolution in superior design.

The EliteIron REVOLUTION BIPOD superior design starts with stronger construction - like no exposed springs and no cheaply made stamped parts. The new REVOLUTION BIPOD legs and tube stems are made of 4140 chrome moly steel. Leg locks are made from 8620 high grade cold rolled steel. Even hidden springs are made from 5160 steel. Other design features include:

  • All parts are finished in magnesium phosphate for a more resilient bond to the steel surface and better protection against corrosion.
  • The mount is positioned lower on the bipod so less "weight over mass" can add more stability.
  • The adjustable, lockable legs open to an ideal 60° angle for a solid stance.
  • The feet are designed to sit flat and still "grab" rough or slippery surfaces.
  • The bipod attaches very securely to 1913 milspec rail, spade, or rigid bipod mounts.
  • The all steel model weighs 2 lbs. A lighter version weighs 1.5 lbs.
  • And the REVOLUTION BIPOD was designed to work with rifles up to .50 caliber BMG.

A revolution in stability.

The REVOLUTION BIPOD allows the shooter to successfully make the most of any shooting position. It maximizes the ability to be more accurate when presented with unusual angles, difficult surfaces, rough terrain, or an unforgiving environment. It can help make shots that would be impossible with other bipods.

  • With the REVOLUTION BIPOD, a rifle can revolve 360° on inner racers - or grooves - inside the mount. So a stable shot can be taken at any degree of rotation while maintaining the two axes of motion control, side-to-side and up-and-down. That position can be held by locking it in place by tightening the torsion nut on the mount.
  • Various lengths and angles of the legs can be instantly set to assist in helping provide a more solid shooting platform.
  • The legs also rotate 360°.
  • Overall, the benefits are making better shots from steeply angled roofs, hanging from rafters, in narrow spaces between rocks, around corners, and on very rough, uneven ground.

A revolution in adaptability.

The REVOLUTION BIPOD can make any rifle perform better. It steadies a rifle so well that shooters report being able to follow the "trace" at 300 meters.

  • An example is where a shot must be made from a position where the terrain or man-made objects provide a better view but also make finding a stable platform more challenging.
  • Another is where the shooter must fire from a very tight spot like narrow openings, from inside buildings, on rough ground, etc.

2014 updates for the EliteIron REVOLUTION BIPOD.

EliteIron continually works hard to improve what others sometimes consider "perfection". And for 2014, we've made some changes in our revolutionary bipod. Based upon continued in-house research, field testing and more important, feedback from elite military, law enforcement, serious civilian marksmen, and hunting shooters, EliteIron has made the following improvements:

  • A choice of longer legs and leg extensions that are interchangeable to meet mission and situational requirements.
  • Fluted grip channels along the sides of the legs for better purchase and control while placing or extending the bipod legs.
  • A re-designed tri-spoke thumb retention screw that allows for better grip - especially with gloves - while tightening the screw to lock the bipod in the desired place.
  • A serrated edge on the face of the racer mount that can be used for additional traction when using the bipod against door frame and other edges without the legs.
  • EliteIron has also designed a wide range of mounts so the REVOLUTION BIPOD can fit almost any tactical rifle.

The EliteIron REVOLUTION BIPOD. A revolution in tactical rifle bipods.

The REVOLUTION BIPOD was developed, tested and designed for elite military, law enforcement, and serious civilian shooters who demand the highest quality and greatest performance in serious shooting applications. Learn more by watching the following video demonstration of the EliteIron REVOLUTION BIPOD in action.

How to buy your EliteIron REVOLUTION BIPOD.

Consult with your EliteIron expert regarding the type of rifle and mount system and get a price quote by calling 406-244-0234, sending email to, or by sending postal mail to EliteIron REVOLUTION BIPOD, 1345 Thunders Trail, Potomac, Montana 59823 USA. Prices start at $795. Patent #8443540


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